Goldie’s Georgia nursery


She needed me to try on her crown (by Oeuf) before she would wear it again.


Lol. See?
Aloha forever
My family got us this canvas of Goldie for Christmas. We all love her scrunchy-nose sassy face. And the Tiffany and Co piggy bank was a gift from close family friends!


A queen — with or without her crown. 🙂

Goldie’s nursery is by far and away my favorite room in our apartment.

That might be mostly because I spent 9 months of pregnancy dreaming of all things baby, and a nursery is a huge part of that vision. However, due to some small (ahem) space constraints in our apartment in Hawaii, her “room” was a corner of the wall in a moses basket at my bedside. We loved sharing a room with her for the first 5 months of her life (aaaand tbh longer than that because we still weren’t quite up to transitioning her to her own room even after we moved to Georgia and had the ability) — but it has been so fun creating and giving her a space of her own.

Really this room is my favorite, though, because the exposed brick in her room in particular gave me such storybook-castle vibes that I designed the whole room around a creamy and neutral “storybook” aesthetic.

Which is, needless to say, my dream aesthetic in life.

I love that Goldie can play in this room on the foliage-printed exercise mat (we purchased from Amazon to combat the concrete floors) with a slew of her toys, while I watch as I drink a cup of coffee from either the rocking chair (Target) or the kitchen where I can see her through the doorway.

She is constantly pointing up at the floating bookshelves, wanting me to lift her up so she can choose a new book for me to read to her. (Pointing is her THING right now.)

I love the teepee we got her for Christmas (also from Amazon), which houses all her stuffed animals that she likes to go in and hug throughout the day. In that same corner is a cork mood board I’ve been adding to since before she was born, and will continue to pin things to as she gets older. It has some postcards from brands I love to dress her in, a pencil drawing of Elvis Presley I bought from a little store next to my favorite coffee shop in Hawaii (Christian and my wedding song is “Can’t Help Falling In Love”), and paint swatches with shades of the color “Marigold.” My Wildbird ring slings are displayed in that same corner.

Goldie’s crib is, again, from Amazon — I just wanted something very simple and wooden. The crib sheet has a gray foliage print (similar to the foliage exercise mat!) and is from Target. Her room is utterly and completely relaxing to be in at night, because our Hatch white noise machine (which hides behind that water hyacinth basket of blankets) turns on 15 minutes before bedtime, the window blinds are closed and the curtains are drawn shut. When it was cold in the winter, we would turn on the cute little space heater we got for her room and it would thrum with its own white noise and help to heat the poorly insulated room to a comfortable temperature. In the warmth of a southern spring, we’ve been turning her air filter fan on at its full speed, so there’s a gentle flow of air in the room. One of us sings her a song in her rocker and then lays her down and she drifts off into dreamland-sleep on her own. (Because of the *albeit painful for us* sleep training we already did, she sleeps from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. PRAISE BE.)

Sometimes I wish I could sleep in there too, it’s that good. Shhhhh, don’t tell Christian.

The yellow rug (from Wayfair: aka paradise via online store) was my first vision for the room, and I love its beautiful pale golden color, with its print that could almost be a marigold. *Sigh* So dreamy.

We keep a Google speaker in the nursery, too (we also have one in our kitchen and bedroom because Christian is obsessed with them), and I love it for playing music throughout the day or for asking what the weather is before we head out on a walk. *Side note on that: Google speakers can play white noise, and if we would’ve realized that sooner we wouldn’t have bought a white noise machine.*

At nighttime, and sometimes throughout the day because I despise clutter, I put Goldie’s toys away in the moses basket that sits in the windowsill. It’s the same bassinet she slept in (when she wasn’t in bed with us, let’s be real) for 6 months. Similarly, the little Charlie Crane Paris lounger that she used to always nap or play in now sits next to her teepee – and she will sometimes still climb into it, but more often places her doll or a stuffed animal in it when she’s playing. It’s so sweet.

There are so many special little details in Goldie’s first nursery. I’m sure I will continue adding to it here and there, if and when I find new pieces or have ideas because in my mind, all rooms are always a work-in-progress. 🙂

One of the sad parts about Christian being in the army is that so far, none of our homes have been ~even close to~ permanent, and I’m nostalgic already about this place that we will eventually leave behind. But that’s why certain special pieces of furniture, little knick-knacks and items, art, and most especially, photographs from where we’ve been, will be carried on into each new home we create.

More on that in my blog post on the rest of our apartment — coming soon.

I kind of figure there’s something special during this time of staying at home (#covid19), about sitting back and really appreciating our homes, and maybe taking a look at them with fresh eyes; creating or imagining them anew.

And we very possibly could use that term, “home,” as a much bigger and heavier metaphor here – if you catch my drift.


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