Life Update – Moved to Georgia!

empty apartment
Our empty apartment when we first moved!
Ranger bb
Goldie repping her Ranger beanie!

unnamed copy 3
Wrangling this baby for a photo gets harder (and hotter, ask the shirtless guy!) with each passing day.

When I last wrote you (you being, perhaps, a loyal reader or a new-to-this-space friend), I described a scene of messy chaos, as my husband and I were in the final stages of packing up our island life to move across the sea to follow his career to the Ranger Regiment in Georgia.

As I sit here now, I’m typing on a Macbook at my little makeup vanity; pausing intermittently to sip from my champagne flute, whilst glancing errantly out my (heavenly) large bedroom windows…. watching brief scenes of my opposite-apartment neighbors’ lives through their lit-up windows, peaking into strangers’ moments fleetingly (like the ever-curious spy that I am). I have incense burning on the brick sill and the window cracked so the curling smoke isn’t too pervasive in the bedroom – just enough to add a distinctly meditative feel to the buzz I’m cultivating with the champagne and the catharsis of *finally* sitting down to write.

The vanity, by the way, sits up against an entire wall of exposed brick, which is a bit like a dream come true.

I’m not kidding, that’s really the aesthetic scene going on here right now.

I feel the need to tell you all of this in romantic detail – cringey though it may be – because this has so NOT been the scene for the majority of the time since we’ve moved.

Like…. shit has almost LITERALLY hit the fan in quite a few of the other scenes.

Earlier today, for instance: I was taking my baby (known as Goldie to you familiars!) to the doctor for a hurriedly scheduled appointment because she’d been having some constipation issues. (See? Literal shit story forthcoming.)

I was going to be cutting it a bit close because her nap had just ended by the time I needed to head out the door in order to be punctual, but we made it and I had parked in the dreaded hospital parking garage with minutes to spare before her appointment. I pulled Goldie out of the carseat, and took a confused whiff of the air around us.

Then I  noticed the poo that had escaped her diaper and crawled all the way up her back, and also onto my sweater during the lift. I chose to change her diaper and attempt to clean her up in the trunk of the car before heading into the doctor’s office (thoughtful mom and respectful citizen that I am), and walked into the doctor’s office 10 minutes late for the appointment, only to find they had canceled it and classified us as “no-shows.”

A whole journey from our apartment to the army hospital, and a public display of poo, all for naught.

The bottle of champagne was supposed to be celebratory, as we recently (like, yesterday) finished completely unpacking and decorating our new Georgia apartment, having finally receiving our belongings after being here for two months.

Christian is at work until 4 a.m. though, due to pre-deployment training. And mama couldn’t wait.

So it’s less celebratory than it is conciliatory. A peace-making gesture between me, myself and I after a day that feels a teensy bit like a flop.

Isn’t it funny how a little back story to a scene makes all the difference? It’s also very much in the spirit of a true life update, I think.

Anyhow, we moved to Georgia.

The end, see you next time!!!


Just kidding! I have more to say than just that. Because you know what, it really hasn’t been all crap! Not at all, in fact. Most of our days have been really good, actually: often somewhere in between the uptown glamour and shit *almost* literally hitting the fan. So much of life exists in the middle of the high-highs and the low-lows.

Though of course we’ve had more than a few moments in each extreme during the few months since we moved from Hawaii.

To list a few (you can try your hand at guessing which are highs and which are lows!):

  • We flew on a direct, 9-hour (red-eye!) flight from Hawaii to Atlanta, and then another quick flight to Columbus with our 5-month old baby
  • We settled into a dreamy apartment on the river, minutes from cute uptown shops and restaurants
  • I designed a nursery for Goldie that fits all of her cute things and gives me all the storybook/castle vibes
  • Christian joined a coveted Army unit that he’s wanted to be part of since he was a cadet at West Point
  • Goldie was hospitalized for a life-threatening condition called Intussusception. She had to be life-flighted to Atlanta for treatment – but first we had to fight hard as new parents to convince ER doctors that she didn’t just have a virus!!!! She has been completely healthy ever since, thank goodness
  • We found out Christian probably wasn’t going to deploy with everyone else in his company at first and would instead be on rear detachment since he was so new to the unit
  • Whoops, plans inevitably changed, and within two weeks of the deployment, we found out that he will, in fact, be deploying so we had two weeks to mentally and literally prepare for that
  • Our families have visited/we’ve been home more times in three months than in the whole three years we were living in Hawaii
  • We flew quickly and breezily to Nebraska for the Holidays to enjoy Christian’s pre-deployment leave
  • Christian and I read about sleep training and decided to take the plunge when Goldie turned 6-months old (after months of co-sleeping, many nights bed-sharing, and getting kicked in the face by our adorable little gremlin baby at 3 a.m.)
  • I cried when we had to put her down to bed during sleep training without rocking her to sleep
  • We successfully (!) trained Goldie to sleep for 11-12 hours unbroken through the night at 6 months old!
  • Then the 8-month sleep regression hit. Hard. Lol
  • Goldie and I have spent quite a few nights apart from Christian already with his busy work schedule and deployment training
  • Our weekends spent all together in this new place have been pretty magical and a brand new adventure

And there have been so many other contented moments in the middle, that need no mentioning.

I will have a lot of evenings to myself here soon now that Goldie has been “retrained” through the 8-month sleep regression (until the inevitable next regression). So I plan to get back to my regularly scheduled programming with the blogging.

(There’s always a bit of a hiatus when you pick up your island life and move it across the ocean, soooo I haven’t been too rough on myself for the brief pause.)

It’s one of my New Year’s resolutions, and we all know just how set in stone those types of goals are. I said I’d learn French last year, and I’m at least a few phrases deep into being effectively bilingual.

No but seriously, I already have a few blog posts in the works for 2020, and next week I will post about some things no one tells you about motherhood (that is, of course, until you’re in the ‘hood). And a later blog post will be some before and after photos of our decorated apartment!

Au revoir, mes amours.

(I google translated the ‘my loves’ part — full disclosure.)