Beach photoshoot + 10 things


Ocean loversSeaside shootYou me and the seaBeach loversKissCloseBeachedOcean viewInto the oceanOcean photo shootOcean Kiss

We got an epic sunset after we were soaking wet and thought we were done taking photos! Goes to show the good stuff will always surprise ya 😉
  1. One of my best friends on island, Brittany Evans, recently did this photoshoot with Christian and me! She is so incredibly talented and it can be such a blast and also super romantic (ew I know, sorry) to do a lovey dovey photoshoot occasionally; for no reason other than to create some cool images and have such beautiful, tangible memories to look back on. You can contact her or find her work on her Facebook page here!
  2. Another one of my best friends Jen recently started a blog! It’s called The Seaside Barbie, which is the perfect name to describe Jen. It’s really fun to have a friend that shares my interest in photos, great happy hour places, travel and just making life more beautiful wherever and whenever the possibility for that exists. She’s *re*motivated me to be as active as I once was with my blog, since she has that lovely beginner enthusiasm. 🙂
  3. I now live with 10 plant babies! Full disclosure: There were more than 10, but I’m still getting the hang of where the sun shines properly inside my apartment to support certain plants. 😦 RIP to those first sacrificial lambs. Not my fault, I’m just still so green! (Get it?! *Winks*)
  4. I scribbled this short note about my husband as he was leaving for work last week: “As Christian struggled with our apartment doorknob today, headed out the door with his arms full with a gym bag, coffee, water bottle, 5 hour energy, his work binder and army cover, he turned and said to me, smiling: “Go to the beach if the sun comes out today.” Who deserves that kind of man? I’m really glad that I have the habit of writing little moments like this down.
  5. My horoscope has been super spot-on lately; it’s made me really want to write more about my zodiac sign and maybe publish a horoscope. I’m an Aries — what are you? And do you think astrology is accurate, or more of a self-fulfilling prophecy/description?
  6. Christian and I were back in Nebraska a few weeks ago for the wedding of one of his high school friends! It was the first time I’d been home in 8 months – and the first time in a long time that his close-knit high school friend group got to reunite. That’s one of the few bummers of living on an island: airfare. We were so excited to spend time with family and friends even though it was a super short trip.
  7. I have two Lack of Colour pageboy caps that I would wear interchangeably every day if I could. They bring me back to memories of the first hat I ever loved: a denim cap that I bought (or I should say my grandparents bought me) when I was like 8, to complete the ankle sweeping; fringed denim jacket and flared jeans outfit I favored. Clothes can be SO fun. (PS – still have that denim cap.)
  8. I’ve been seized by a lack of motivation and energy recently, which I’m trying to combat by a combination of giving myself the luxury of relaxing occasionally, and kicking myself out the door when it seems like I won’t spontaneously be seized by desire to leave the apartment and the comfort of my couch.
  9. Christian has been practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu again at his gym here, and it always amazes me how many things he has the ambitions to be good at. Never content with succeeding in just one area of life, that one. He is always trying something new and always challenging himself. We (at his urging) listen to certain podcasts together when we’re driving in the car, and one we listened to recently (The Tim Ferriss Podcast) featured Tim Kennedy, who said his life motto is to “hurry up and fail.” This motto, he said, means you don’t waste time doubting yourself, you just hurry up and suck at something over and over until you can get good at it. That is actually an incredibly scary concept for me, but one that is SO worth putting into action. If you think of failure as an inevitability on your way to success, it might require more guts to actually go through with your attempts, but it certainly cuts time spent on useless doubt. Thinking of failure as merely Step One is echoed by many of the interviewees on that podcast. So, I guess I’d better hurry up and fail.
  10. I’ve been thinking A LOT recently about the importance of creating your own life. And I really do mean that it’s important to create your life. I don’t mean fabricate or be something other than true to you – but I think if you don’t decide who you want to be and exactly how you want to live, you are really only living out someone else’s idea of what your life should look like. It isn’t changing from who you might have been if you decide to go in a new or uncharted direction, but rather it’s choosing to grow into a person you’ve dreamed of becoming. If we stop changing, we could become stagnant; still. I hope I always move, edit, and grow.



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