Island Time

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There are a few ways in which I will probably be forever altered by my time of living on an island during this fundamental and important stage in my young-adult life.

And one of those core changes to my being will likely be my newfound ability to “just go with it” and observe island time: to slow down and accept any changes in my routine like we have to accept a sudden rain cloud darkening the beach when before there were only blue skies, or alternately, the arrival of warm-honey sunshine when the forecast had called only for storms.

Observing island time might mean learning to wait and practice that most difficult of exercises: patience. I’ve had to learn patience when sitting in traffic out here, when trying to find a restaurant near where I live that’s open for breakfast before 10am, while waiting on our landlord for necessary fixes to our apartment, and for the mail to arrive. But island time is also a state of mind. Those who acknowledge an unconventional (but perhaps more accurate) list of priorities understand that there’s just no need to rush through a task, through a day, or through a life.

To be honest, this is one of the ways I truly hope I’m irrevocably altered by this rock in the middle of the ocean that has awakened a bohemian part of my soul and set her to dancing.

I hope when I am back on the mainland I can maintain my newfound ability to go with the flow of life – let go of any and all thoughts, tension and stale energy that doesn’t serve me (a direct and daily quote from one of my favorite yoga instructors) – rather than fighting against it.

Of course I still sometimes feel a sense of urgency in certain situations, and in particular when I think about my future and the fears I have about not doing or accomplishing things soon enough (for my idea of life’s timing). But there is something about living among so many happy, free spirited and emotionally centered individuals, who will drop every plan a day might hold for good surf or bright sunshine and a perfectly glassy beach, that allows me to step back and let everything happen in its own time, and to trust the timing of my own life.

Why hold a worry when its weight does nothing but make you heavier?

I can’t really even begin to explain it, but somehow many of the people I’ve met on this island – for whom life moves a little slower and the Aloha spirit and positive vibes are an every day practice – seem to live for so much more, and they seem to move through life so much more gracefully (and gratefully!); and with lighter feet.

Perhaps it’s because we’re all barefoot here. 😉

But it makes for lighter hearts, too.

Time just moves differently on an island, if unconventionally, since time here is more influenced by life than life is by time.

I hope island time remains a state of mind accessible to me like that of the peace I’m able to cultivate during a yoga class – in that it’s something I can work to create now and then call upon whenever I might need a reminder of what’s important in the future, no matter where I might physically be.

On an island in the middle of the Pacific, or not.

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  1. My son is going to the island of Krabi in Thailand which is supposed to be fabulous. He’ll be back April 29th so I’ll let your mom know if he thinks it’s worth the trip!


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