One Year Anniversary

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I always hoped love could feel like this.

This =

As easy as breathing.

Like the security of strong arms during a slow dance and the simultaneous heart-thudding thrill from such closeness. Like long drives across the country with feet up on the sun-warmed dash and a callused hand across my lap; warm belly aches and tear-stained cheeks from delirious, uncontrollable laughter.

Like the great and the big – the small and the safe and the cozy. Grand, bold adventures, or Thai food in bed and a world of only two. Big arguments, but bigger hugs. Every bad thing solvable; soluble.

Like a million differences and a million-and-one similarities.

Like the impeccable intimacy of the friendship of a lifetime.

I want to publicly wish my wonderful husband a happy one-year wedding anniversary!! Our wedding was a perfect, glowingly happy day. And it’s only been topped by every day since. I wasn’t blogging at this time last year when Christian and I got married , so I hope you’ll forgive the throwback photos. I also wanted to share a few details about our wedding day since I haven’t been able to write about it yet! But before I get to those details, I wanted to say one thing:

The love is what matters. Bottom line up front (or BLUF, as I’m told they say in the military) – the love is the only thing that really matters. So if you’re newly engaged and planning a wedding, my most important advice to you is to try and create meaningful moments for you and your husband or wife, family and closest friends on your wedding day.

Try, try, try to stand back for a second and take it all in – the wedding day itself and your time of betrothal. Or at least immerse yourself in the chaos. Be as present as humanly possible.

Eat a piece of your own damn wedding cake.

Because the only thing Christian and I think about (regret-wise) from our wedding day is that we wish we could do it all over again as a fly on the wall; in every room at once; experiencing every second of the fun stories we heard from guests later on. And we wish we’d eaten the cake. (We made up for it later with the top tier, don’t worry.) It’s impossible, of course, to be present everywhere at once, and to completely relax enough on your wedding day to take everything in. But you can try. And especially in the planning process, you can remember that you’ll probably appreciate intimate moments the most, and that any stress that will take away from your day at all is not stress worth having.

Our venue was the Omaha Country Club, which was perfect for us because it had multiple ‘settings’ (aka rooms) – an outdoor terrace, a dancing room, and a few rooms that were a little more removed from the noise. And it had multiple bars. It also has its own wedding planner (shout out to Ashley!!) fabulous chef, pastry chef and etc, so it was very inclusive and easy for us to not have to use a million different vendors. I really wanted the wedding to feel classic and romantic; with fairy tale vibes (haha), and it ended up working exactly how I wanted it to.

But our wedding guests really won the day. Our guests showed out. They gave the most heart-warming, thunderous applause when we were announced as husband and wife at our ceremony, and then danced all. night. long at the reception. Ben Doll at Image Entertainment was our DJ, and he was fantastic. Our wedding party, close friends and family were all such a blast to be around on the wedding day and leading up to it.

I had stressed so much about the timeline of the wedding day, but when it came down to it, everything flowed seamlessly. My bridesmaids and I got our hair done at Garbo’s, and then we made our way to St. Cecilia’s Cathedral to get ready for the ceremony. After we were married (woo!!!) a bus took the wedding party to a bar in Benson before we arrived at the reception. Once we got to OCC, we all got in golf carts (this was just as fun as you can imagine) to drive out and get the photos that are shown above, toasted our wedding party with champagne, and then entered the reception. It was all a blur of hugging family and friends, listening tearfully to the speeches, champagne toasting, dancing, laughing and smiling from ear-to-ear from there. We also have very talented friends, so one of our friends sang near the beginning of the reception (“Can’t take my eyes off you”), and two other friends sang for our first dance, which was to Elvis’s “Can’t help falling in love.” Then we made our sparkler exit around 11 p.m., and from what I hear, many of the guests still partied on. Christian’s parents hosted a decadent wedding brunch for us the next morning, and on Monday we were off to Costa Rica for our honeymoon (more on that trip soon)!

Katelyn Rowan did both our engagement and wedding photos and she was remarkable. She seriously made us feel so comfortable and captured the happiness of our day perfectly.

Like I said, I wasn’t blogging during the time of our wedding, so I hope you don’t mind that I took this little bit of time to reflect. The idea of writing about future experiences was very much already on my heart even then, which is why a Canon camera was my wedding gift from Christian.

LOL – I got him a compass that has “For Our Adventure” engraved on the back. Cute, to be sure, but a bit uneven as a gift next to the fancy camera he gave me. But what a perfect way to represent the way our relationship works. 😉

Happy anniversary, my love!


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