Denim and gingham

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Aksarben Farmer’s Market

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In the Old Market in downtown Omaha 🙂
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Lot 2 is one of my favorites. Love the charcuterie boards!

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My trip back to Omaha to visit family was a whirlwind of restaurant and bar hopping, trying to meet up with as many friends as possible, celebrating big family events, going into the office to work, (have to be able to afford these long-distance flights!), and making my family take photos both of and with me 😉 It was the perfect flurry of activity to make being away from my husband for a month more bearable. I had asked in my last blog post for some suggestions about where any Nebraskans love to eat and drink, and I got lots of great comments and personal messages with suggestions. I didn’t have time to hit them all, but I did make it to Lot 2, La Buvette, The Twisted Fork, First Watch (for breakfast), and The Wicked Rabbit (for drinks). All amazing! And there are so, so many more that I love and now want to try.

As there are so many people I love in Nebraska (so many that I couldn’t even see them all!), there was never a shortage of happy hours to attend or restaurants and bars to hit – and thus, quite a few good excuses to wear some new outfits. (Want to know something not-so-secret? It doesn’t take much besides even the possibility of leaving the house to make me excited about what outfit I might wear out the door. Overdresser for life.)

One of the outfits above is a Gingham dress I got online from Tobi that I paired with my new favorite denim jacket to go to the Aksarben Farmer’s Market. I love going to local farmer’s markets – it makes for such a fun daytime activity and is a great way to support local businesses. And I felt like I was channeling Cher Horowitz from “Clueless,” which is exactly what I love about fashion: there’s so much inspiration to be gained from movies and characters and art; to be able to reflect that inspiration in an outfit choice is super cool to me. What I’m wearing on any given day can completely alter my mood. Do any of you feel that way? For example – the gingham and jacket outfit was probably a little too warm (and too try-hard) for a farmer’s market – but it made the experience more fun for me, and I can’t really pretend I’m not a try-hard anyway: “As if!!!” Cher’s iconic line from “Clueless” runs through my head probably at least 10 times a day.

The second outfit in the pictures above was an overall dress, and if you’ve been reading my blog for a while you might know about my love affair with overalls. Denim is probably my favorite thing right now – especially because I’m obsessed with dresses and adding a denim jacket or having the dress material actually be denim makes the whole ensemble feel a little bit ‘cooler’ and less frilly and girly. (Not that I don’t love frilly – because let’s be honest: I totally do.) The big pink sunglasses were a thrift store find and I’m pretty freaking thrilled about them.

On Instagram I shared one of the photos above with a Kanye quote: “… and I think, not smiling makes me smile. When you see paintings in an old castle, people are not smiling cause it just wouldn’t look as cool.” That pretty much sums up my modeling-for-photos philosophy. Hehe.

In other news, I am back in Hawaii now!! I’ve gotten the sense that every time I’m away from Christian for longer than a week now, it’s going to feel like an epic reunion when we’re together again. Not complaining! I’ve got some big goals for blogging in the near future, because I’ve decided it’s silly to put a project I love and enjoy so much on the back burner just for the sake of being a little less busy. The truth is I love writing about all our beautiful adventures here in Hawaii and anywhere else I may be traveling, and what’s life without a little hustle anyway?!

Christian and my one-year wedding anniversary is coming up (HOW is that possible?!), and we’ve got plans I’m SUPER excited about to celebrate this amazing year – as well as plans to hike more, visit more beaches, and write more about this lovely island life and military spouse experiences in general…. to share more of my random thoughts, experiences, outfits, restaurant finds and book/movie recommendations. Just a whole lot MORE.

Stay tuned ❤





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