Flynn Skye outfit in Kauai

IMG_0054Beach outfit


Beach workout
Christian doing an impromptu beach workout



Beach rocks


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A few weeks ago a brand that I love, Flynn Skye, was doing a giveaway for the skirt and crop top set I’m wearing in the pictures above. In order to enter, you just had to share “something you love about yourself.” Flynn Skye’s owner and creator does these giveaways and provides prompts like this on social media as a way to connect with her customers and social audience. She shared that for whatever reason, it’s never an easy task to find things that we love about ourselves, so she would give away the outfit pictured to a few individuals who entered.

Very happily, I won one of the sets! Yay!

I just thought this was one of the coolest ways to do a giveaway. Reading through the comments/writing a little love note to myself was actually an extremely empowering and cathartic experience. Social media can be really cool when we’re lifting ourselves and others up in this way.

So anyway, I wore this outfit the other morning in Kauai. (We are still here, and yesterday we celebrated my birthday! I’ll do a post on that later). I have been wanting to do a blog post in this set and about the giveaway details, so while I’m on vacation with family and really feeling the love, this seemed like a good time.

I’ll share what I wrote for my entry below, in the hopes that you will either write for yourself or comment here on my post what it is that you love about yourself.

I wrote:

“I love how I’ve grown to love the things I used to hate and to fight so hard against in myself: Having a different ‘look’ as a redhead always made me somewhat insecure and feel like none of the models or influencers I saw looked like me, so I must not be beautiful. Now I genuinely love my unique look. Similarly, I now love my quirky ways and awkward tendencies, because I see that they give me my sense of humor. I love my freckles and my bones and the curve of my hips; I love the things I used to hate, which I think shows growth into true beauty, because confidence you had to fight for ends up feeling like absolute freedom.”

Why are we so quick to share our insecurities, but feel wrong or boastful revealing what makes us lovable or confident? I’m thinking of that Mean Girls scene, where all the girls are looking in the mirror and bonding over their odd pores; hairlines, and etc.

Let this, instead, be the mirror where you share and reflect on all the things that make you brilliant and unique.


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  2. Once again, you give me goosebumps like I’m actually talking to you. Thanks for giving this type of encouragement. Love you, love you, love you!!

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  3. what i love about myself. i love the fact that i and grandma joyce gave birth to two beautiful and unique children and they in turn gave birth to my six beautiful and unique grandchildren. whom i hope someday will give birth to their own beautiful and unique children. with all my love to all of you roy mccance.

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