Disney’s Belle-inspired dress + 10 things

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Do you ever get super, nonsensically excited about really little things? Yeah, me too. I think it’s so much more interesting to love things than to hate them. That said, I’ve definitely tweeted my share of the “I hate everything; people suck; my nails are as black as my soul,” clever, disparaging-of-joy phrases. But you can see a literal sparkle in someone’s eyes and the way their whole body opens up when they share things they’re passionate about – and that’s got to be better than cynicism, right? I heard optimism makes your hair and nails grow. 😉 So I’m gonna keep freaking out over chance encounters,  great lines in books, Disney movies and riding my bike in a formal dress. Here’s 10 things:

    1. Speaking of Disney movies: Beauty and the Beast, oh my goodness!!! We went and saw it last Saturday night. I love Disney movies so so much, so it thrills me when they do live-action remakes. The coolest thing about this version of the movie is that I found myself appreciating songs, scenes and characters that I didn’t really notice in the animated version. Le Fou and Gaston’s song and dance number in the bar, for example, might’ve been my favorite in the whole movie. And I cried big, sloppy tears during the Beast’s song. I always take so much inspiration from fashion in films (and I’ve clearly already shown my obsession with Disney princesses), and I’d recently bought the dress shown above from Lulu’s – to wear for some occasion, some time. Then I realized it kinda sorta looks like Belle’s ballroom gown. Swoooon. It’s so swishy and fun – perfect for adding bohemian flair to a picnic, wedding, or any other event. You’ll probably see me in this dress a whole lot in coming photos or Instagram stories, as Christian is kind of an avid IG story updater. If you also happen to hear me singing “there must be more than this provincial life!” at the top of my lungs in the background whilst twirling around- I’m very sorry. Just be glad you don’t live with me.
    2. I recently discovered Spotify’s playlist called Brainfood while I was working, and I love it. It makes me feel so much more focused and so happy while sitting at my computer all day. Every song feels like it has a full plot. Listen and tell me if you know what I mean!
    3. My Kate Spade coffee table book has the cleverest party-throwing ideas ever, and I would love to one day host the kind of amazing, eclectic soirees it describes. One of the quotes from the book says: “be daring, be different, be impractical; be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers.” That’s in the chapter about serving takeout on fine china.
    4. To be honest, I’m lucky if I put on pants during my work day (working from home makes getting ready really hard, okay) – but I literally might buy and wear Modcloth’s women’s work ensembles at home just to feel productive. Dress well, perform well – right?! When I work in an office again, you can bet it won’t be in a boring white button-up and black slacks. Blechh. My mom is the most stylish teacher of all time, and I would feel like a huge disappointment if I failed to follow in her pink-pumped foot steps.
    5. Long distance book club is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me. It wasn’t a formal or planned thing, but my sister-in-law Noelle and best friend Alex both gave me books to read recently. And seriously, if you’ve ever enjoyed learning what songs other people love – either to widen your musical horizons or get to know a person – you’ll love sharing book favorites even more. The two books they gave were Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi (Noelle’s), and Till We Have Faces by C.S. Lewis (Alex’s). I finished Homegoing, and it is stunningly written and now etched in my memory: It’s an incredible story about oppression and its echoes through generations. This book opened my eyes. And I have just begun reading C.S. Lewis’s novel and am already floored by it. I know it’s one of Alex’s favorite books so there’s no chance I won’t love it. She introduced me to Wuthering Heights and Les Miserables in high school – two of my favorites. Both books should be on your must-consume list if you’re an ambitious reader.
    6. And on that note, I have always felt like I’ve gotten obscenely lucky with my friends and the people I’m surrounded by. And I truly feel like certain individuals in my life have plucked me from obscurity in almost every stage of my existence without me deserving it at all – like, I suck at meeting new people and showing my true personality right away. Sincerely, to all of my friends, let this be my tiny little love letter to you – I don’t know why you picked me (and stayed), but I’m so eternally grateful that you did. The same concept also goes for Christian and his family: I could not have found a spouse or in-laws who would suit me, or grow me, better. And of course (and most notably), in the case of my own biological family, it’s the truest mystery how I got so lucky as to belong to them. Fun fact: My dad used to call me Regina – a reference to the movie Mean Girls, because I went through a stage where I was really mean and just the worst. And yet they loved, and love me still, unconditionally.
    7. Waialua has the greatest little coffee shop with the coolest story: it’s called Brew and Foam. One of the baristas makes a signature spicy chai latte that she calls the Sexy Chai, and it is amazing. I want to do a post about the small businesses just in this little town near the North Shore of Oahu, so that if you ever visit, you can wander your way through Waialua. They have acai bowls to rival any you’ve seen on Instagram, a fabulous pizza place that’s BYOB (super fun!), a yoga studio and so many more hidden gems. I LOVE IT.
    8. I like to run, and I used to be fairly good at it. I ran competitively when I was younger and in high school. But running races made me SO nervous that I would get physically ill – like all over the sidewalk one time – before the events, which was obviously unfortunate. I’ve started to put it back into my routine, though, and it is the best form of exercise for me.
    9. I have a silly, ongoing and unfounded fear of posthumous publishing. Being published would truly be the most amazing thing to ever happen, but some of the stuff I’ve written is horrendously embarrassing. (Emotional writing can sometimes be like emotional eating: regretful.) Maybe I should create a folder with acceptable pieces for those who would attempt to publish me after death to choose from? Morbid thoughts, I know. But I once read a novel that claimed there are two types of people: those who think about their funerals and those who don’t. — I am very sorry for the turn this fact has now taken — BUT which type are you???? (To clarify, nothing I’ve written yet would even be worth publishing. But silly fears make up the fabric of my life, practically.)
    10. At the beginning of my recent post, when I said I used to imagine becoming a famous actress, I wasn’t lying. I always wanted to act – I did it in high school and I love doing voices and impressions and fake crying 🙂 I think acting, as a craft, is so impressive.

Do we share any of the ‘things’ in common? Or are you normal?


  1. I legit orders the same Kate Spade book on Tuesday.I can’t wait for mine. I also ordered Lauren Conrads book “Celebrate” as well.


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  3. First off, The Closet Mermaid, I absolutely adore your blog. I have always kind of (not really) kept a journal, but you have inspired me to begin a journal of all my little thoughts and “mini blogs”, if you will. I’m most likely not going to post them or start a blog of any kind, but you have definitely sparked something in me to write and journal more. So thank you:)

    With love and admiration, The “not-so-blogger”


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