North Shore exploring and sunshine chasing

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One really amazing thing about island life and Hawaii is that you can literally chase sunlight.

Depending on where you are on the island it could be rainy and blue-gray, with dark clouds huddled together like a furrowed brow over the mountains, but if you drive 30 minutes or so in the opposite direction you’ll be heading straight into blinking, golden sunshine. So this weekend, we took the top off the jeep and drove in pursuit of the light.

It was such a warm and gorgeous day, the kind you can feel just soak into your bones, so of course I wore a swimsuit to make the most of it (this one is new from Romwe, Shop for Swimwear at There’s really nowhere you can’t go wearing just a swimsuit in Hawaii, I’m convinced.

We were searching for pretty roads to photograph and explore – and truly found them around every other turn. That’s one of the many great things I’ve experienced with blogging: Setting out to create photographs often also creates memories and adventure. It might seem like it’s just trying to stage the perfect photo, and sometimes it is easy to get caught up in that, but I’ve just been stunned by the way the world has opened up ever since I’ve become determined to see it, and to share it with you.

I’ve learned you can follow figurative light, too.

Driving around the north shore of the island with the wind rushing from all directions and completely tangling my hair, and looking at all the gorgeous, saturated green blurring by had me thinking (like I often do) about one of my best friends whose life motto is “fortune favors the brave.” I’ve tried to write about my vivacious, bold, green-eyed and dark-haired friend in many ways, and over many mediums in past years. She has a story that has very much affected mine. I have this lump in my throat right now as I write, on the very edge of tears, because her story is not at all the easiest to tell. But I also feel flooded by the craziest warmth because when I think about my brave and strong friend, I think about the vital and complete way that I want to live.

I’ve learned you can follow figurative light, too.”

And someday I hope to have the right words to do her justice – because I am absolutely positive that the things that are hardest to write about (I have a few of these things) are the most important to write.

I don’t have the words yet.

But a snippet from an E.E. Cummings poem describes it best for me today: “i carry your heart with me(i carry it in my heart)”.

Everywhere I go and everything I do now has me seeking adventure with an open heart (still working on brave). Because I carry her heart with me.


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