Sunday Series: 10 things

I feel like you and I are still very much in the “get to know me” phase. Whether you’ve known me for years and are just following along with the newest chapter in my story or you’re completely new in these parts and only know me as The Closet Mermaid (which is pretty freaking cool, since I wondered whether I would get any readers at all) – we are all still semi-strangers in the blogosphere. What I mean by this is that because I’m a writer, (and that very much feels like part of my identity), I can honestly be more forthcoming and honest about certain things over this blog platform than I sometimes am in person, despite my incessant need to talk and verbalize things all. the. time. Writing has allowed me to use humor and vulnerability to put myself out there in the world in ways that I struggle to do when first meeting anyone in person. So yeah, dear reader, whoever you may be (and just so you know I LOVE you for reading), we are still getting to know each other on that level.

So in the spirit of that level, I wanted to share things. Things I like, things that inspire me, things that are true, and things I’d rather whisper or not share at all. It will be random, and it will be recurring, because I just think haphazard facts and truths are sometimes the most real (I love alliterations). (And using parentheses, because Mark Twain told me [and everyone else] that they’re a “whisper to the reader”).

Those two facts are just bonuses, and will remain separate from my list. So let’s dive in. Here’s 10 things:

  • I have a job! It’s not “beach day all day” out here. I work remotely for a PEO agency out of Omaha, Nebraska. I get up at 5 a.m. every day so that I can be working during Omaha’s 9-5 work day.
  • I love clothes, and even though it might seem like a superficial thing, I love that blogging gives me the chance to talk about serious things and also celebrate my love for fashion. I’ve recently become an affiliate for a few different companies, so I wanted to share that if you buy something via a link I share, I can end up making a commission on those sales. Regardless, I will only ever share my true opinions, and always disclose affiliate links. For example, one of my absolute favorite things right now is denim – I love wearing jean jackets around my shoulders at the beach, or when I’m riding on the motorcycle with Christian, or just in general, and there are a bunch that I love on sale right now at Romwe (click the image for affiliate link):

Blue Flower Embroidery Single Breasted Denim Jacket

I always picture myself in a formal white dress with a beat-up denim jacket slung across my shoulders, drinking coffee outside a cafe in Paris. Idk. Someday.

  • I am so scared of so many things. And I hate it. I keep trying to just do all of the things that scare me – surfing is next up on the list, because I love the ocean and don’t want to be limited.
  • I hated my hair up until a few years ago, and sometimes I still don’t love it. But I also feel like it’s 100 percent a part of my personality by now – so I will probably never dye it.
  • I love poetry. It makes so much more sense to me than multiplication tables – practical uses aside.
  • I’m obsessed with ModCloth’s “It’s Lit” blog series where they style outfits inspired by literature, and I sincerely wish I had thought of it first. This swimsuit (click on image for affiliate link) gives me serious The Notebook vibes – which is why I ordered one that’s very similar.

Vacation Daisies Swimsuit Bottom in Mint

  • I finally started watching Friends, and I LOVE IT. Don’t kill me for not starting sooner and only now claiming to be a fan (like I did with everyone who was late to the Gossip Girl party).
  • I believe in wholehearted, obsessive love, though there was a short time when I wondered if it didn’t believe in me.
  • I have terrible balance but really, really want to be good at yoga.
  • I serial re-read books/watch movies. I’m talking 8+ times of reading Wuthering Heights, Harry Potter, and etc. (I’m quite sure a therapist could go to town with this list.)

If you ever feel like it, I’d love if you’d share an item from your list. (I hope) We all have them. Thanks for reading, loves. You can’t imagine how much it means to me.


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