Sunday Series: Happy Projects

I made some good green smoothies!

And some not-so-good baked items..

I love Sundays here. Yesterday was a productive, big-smile Sunday, and when I went to bed with a great book at the end of the day, I felt warm and fuzzy and so fulfilled.

I adore most days in Hawaii generally – but there has been something really special about Sundays, because it has become a day for quality time (which you might know by now that I obsessively enjoy) and small, happy projects around our house. It’s necessary to qualify “happy” because there are lots of things that need done throughout the week that I definitely don’t approach with a cheerful attitude: The laundry machine always gets the full brunt of my perfected death glare. But on Sundays we typically spend our time both working on solo tasks and also together on our terminal to-do list. I LOVE running errands and decorating bit by bit (though like I’ve mentioned I am a little impatient about the waiting, doing it in pieces thing). Christian and I have been trying to each prioritize what’s important to us and only buy a few things while out on these trips, so that we can make sure we actually need what we think we do rather than just buying whatever we see first (although I can honestly tell you I’ve got some sort of problem and have never suffered from buyer’s remorse. Have you read “Confessions of a Shopaholic”?)

I keep adding items to our bar cart and he is working on his garage-gym and tool kits…

We’re getting the big items and necessities, too. I swear.

Eventually when I finish the decorating process I will write about it – and my conglomeration of bohemian/beachy, french country and eclectic interior design. Is there a name for that combo? Or should I just call it what it is… indecision?

After our errands yesterday afternoon, Christian went outside to work on installing a back seat (for me!!!) on his motorcycle with his ever-expanding tool kit. I stayed inside to make some green smoothies, which actually turned out great, and to bake *cue the Imperial March* for a military fundraiser put on by army spouses. I am terrible (and completely novice, to give myself some credit) at baking. And cooking. But I’ve been trying really hard to make myself do both anyway. Christian successfully completed his task, and I produced some items that I think are edible.

The best part of my whole baking experience was absolutely the Kate Spade apron.

I think I’m going to try and blog every Sunday from now on in addition to other posts from the week, sort of as a good way to both end and begin. I’m still not sure what the theme will be, maybe a recap of the weekend or a preview of things to come, or even occasionally a review of books I’ve been reading or things that have been inspiring me. Let me know what you’d like to read about – I would very much love suggestions or requests!

Happy Monday!!! Sarcasm wholly unintended, even with Sunday already faded like a fond and distant memory.


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