Sunset on the North Shore

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I am quite sure that I will, never, ever get over the way the rising and setting sun paints itself across the sky on the North Shore of Oahu every morning and dusk.

Last night I found myself wanting to pinch myself it was so beautiful. And even more than that – it is truly like something out of a dream that this is in my back yard. Moving to Hawaii has been full of challenges most definitely, but I honestly feel like I can’t even complain because I’m so lucky to see the sun melt like pink butter over the ocean every night. I will share a few negatives in a future post, of course, because many of our “oops” (and stronger expletives) moments since we’ve been here have been pretty funny, and I also think they’re lessons to learn from. And, you know, they keep us grounded.

Last night Christian and I went to happy hour in Haleiwa with our friend and talked for what feels like the 500th time about how wonderful the weather is here in the middle of “winter.” Our families in Nebraska had been talking all day about the ice storm they were getting, and it feels so crazy that we could be experiencing such different climates! Sometimes the weather is the only thing that reminds me of how very far away from home I am. Someday soon I’m sure it will hit me that I can’t just get in a car and drive home like I’ve always been (at least physically) able to do. And someday, too, I’ll know the literal meaning of that phrase, “a love to cross oceans for.” I’ll probably spend some time weeping over my laptop and typing out my woes with chocolate-covered fingers when that day comes, and then we can talk about ways to combat homesickness while on our adventures.

But for right now, I have these North Shore sunsets. And that feels like a whole lot.

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