About me – long-winded version

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I can never seem to write a succinct “about me.” That tiny, pithy little paragraph seems so easy and quick – but I swear I could write a full essay in half the time and with far less struggle. It probably has a little something to do with my unwillingness to be pinned to a corkboard (borrowed that from Stargirl, and if you noticed, I already love you) and a certain penchant I have for adjective-heavy descriptions and long-winded everything. And if I can’t even write a concise and narrowed-down description of myself, how, you may be asking yourself as you read, will I choose a focus for this blog? But that’s the beauty of this thing to me – I think creative content can be as varied and random as our own minds. And don’t we wear 57 hats at all times anyways? I Love (capital L for emphasis) so many different things at once, and deciding which characteristics to delete in order to fit an Instagram bio nearly breaks my heart.

So here’s what I know:

Great shoes give me butterflies, though I’m sometimes happiest barefoot for that connected-with-nature, carefree feeling. I’ve never met a hat I didn’t love. I think a great outfit can help a person properly “show up” for life, which is, after all, a runway. My closet houses my hopes and dreams for a future life: I am completely prepared for that Parisian garden party I might someday attend, and if anyone invited me to High Tea I wouldn’t have to turn down the invite because I didn’t own seven oversized floppy hats to choose from. Stories live in the clothes we wear, places we travel, food we eat, books we read and people we love along the way. And I want to hear and tell them all.

I had a fiction-writing professor in undergrad who always prompted us to question “the occasion for the story.” In other words, something had to happen, something had to be really good (or bad – short stories, hello) in order for a narrative to even properly exist. An inciting incident, of some sort. Well, that gets to be a little bit intimidating for a blogger. What makes my story worth telling? I could go with the obvious: I am married to my dream guy (everyone’s dream guy, in my trying-hard-to-be humble, newlywed opinion) who’s in the army, and we just moved to Hawaii, which we’re currently making our own little corner of paradise. Everything is new. Everything is a challenge. It will make for lots of stories of our triumphs and failures, and thus a whole lot of humor. (Math class taught me that). Hopefully my stories will help you with yours. This new chapter in my life will mean travel, new people, a brand new island wardrobe (please, God) and adventure. Lots of it. To be honest, I’ve been preparing to make this dream – writing and sharing my experiences – a reality from literally the moment I picked up a pen. I have long red “mermaid” hair (very thankful to Disney for its cartoon Ariel), and I’m a brand-new ocean dweller; I love and am in so much awe over it. And as I’ve stated before, I have a thing for closets. Especially those big, walk-in ones. And so, The Closet Mermaid. Catch that play on words?

I’m so glad you’re here for this new adventure – it’s going to be fun.

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